Some card ideas

Here's some card ideas, for your viewing pleasure. With flavor text, because duh?

Contrary to popular belief, Warlocks do like Imps. They're basically rocks that throw themselves.


It's here cause it didn't like kicking it with the rest of the storm. Too mainstream.


Anything's catchable. Provided the net's big enough.


For when you didn't quite choppy-chop through everything the first time.


Always has dibs on fireworks during the holidays.


The wrist gear's connected to the, ankle gear... Wait, that's not right?


Everyone thinks the number one reason to hate deserts is the heat. Until they fight a Shaman.


Warriors hate shadow beings. They just can't get those satisfying, all-the-way-through, permanent slices.


Guaranteed to slowly annoy you to death, with cuteness, sparkles, and green dragonflight gimmickry.


The reason you don't see that many novice druids? Most have either graduated or shapeshifted before learning how to un-shapeshift.


In case you needed an explanation on the difference between valor and stupidity...


He can see your thoughts. You have spent WAY too much time on the Internet!


Place your bets on who gets Majordomo!


When around her, DO NOT ever mention ladies of the night. You've been warned.



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