Help for a Bronze Newbie

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Hi fellow day9 fans :)

I just recently started with SC2 (4 days now, yay!) but i played some RTS with my Friends before.  Never online though.

I watched a lot of Day9's stuff and try to improve. Its very hard mainly because there are so MANY things i can improve.

If you have some time could you see through the replay and show me the main faults i did ?

There will be many things :)

Ps: I uploaded a win because i feel quite OK the way i played. At my losses its in many cases pretty obvious what i did wrong.

I have some ideas like: Expand faster if hes not that agressive (but i think its risky against Zerg)

Tech slower and have more army in midgame (like HT/storm... but it came in the right moment)

Keep harass zealots alive, but im try to fokus mainly on makro for now.

(Friggin STOP scrolling around with the Mouse! i always lose that in the heat of play)

If he would go infestors would go more Zealots be good ? (i should have put some in in the end anyways)

Thank you, and its nice to see having a that competetive game such a nice community :)

And sry for my english haven't written it in a while.

Edite: i forgot, of course iam focused mainly on not getting supplyblocked like at around 40 supply.