No he isn't

He hasn't been a pro player since he quit Broodwar and decided there was more money to be had in what he was uniquely making at the time which was his show. That let him move into casting and arriving to where we are now. Him doing his Daily and going around the world having fun. 

But since I quit Starcraft II and never bought HOTS I kind of don't care about the game anymore. Husky is no longer HuskyStarcraft, he's jumped ship to League of Legends following other people's footsteps in doing so. I guess now I am just waiting and seeing when Day9 would do the same. I guess since has the Starcraft community by the balls the nerdrage that would follow would probably cause the internet to explode. Perhaps he will continue to be Starcraft's Messiah and welcome a second coming/revival of the scene proving all of us heretics wrong.