So I was watching SKPlanet the other night

And today decided to go through all Day9's shows again.

Well a funny thing happened, Forgg was up against Stork! So after the match ended I paused things and went into the archive to fnd the legendary game. I wonder after all these years if the Korean players reflect on themselves every time they face their rivals from Broodwar. And it also makes me feel like we take Starcraft II for granted. I know WoL was getting stale but isn't that what happened with Starcraft until some daring pro's reinvented the game? I know hots is still all shiny and new/people are trying to figure themselves out with it. [Stephano still playing Stephano style except instead of instor/broodlord he is now adding different units but sticking to the same thing to the ire of Day9.]

Anyway as always enjoying the shows, wondering if anyone else still looks back on history.