Funday-ing up the 2v2 Scene!

  (Edited: )

So my brother, a Silver League Zerg and Toss, and myself, a Gold League Terran, have struggled for the longest time in 2v2. Every game, we're miscommunicated, we didn't prepare for a rush, I forget depots, or he forgets overlords/pylons. Last season, we went 1 and 6 and just decided to give up. As a team, we are pretty much Bronze, through and through.

Surprisingly though, this season, we're winning a lot. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with refining builds or being a better gamer...

...We just decided to dick around.

Before every game, I read through the playlist for all of the Funday Monday games on the archive. From there, we either pick a team-based Funday, or we each pick our own individual ones. We pretty much went on a 6 game winning streak, and even caused the typical repercussions of pissing people off on the ladder.  Here are some of the ones we've already tried, all of which insighted hysterical laughter:

- "Move your Base!" and "Protoss ISPWOMP" <Win>
- "Expand Every 5 Minutes" <Win>
- "Nydus Worm Attacks!" and "Only Attack Mineral Lines" <Win>- "Need a Medic?" and "Spell Casters Only" <A Terrible, Terrible Loss>

- "Mine it Up!" and "Burrowed Banelings!" <A Hilarious, Hilarious Win>

I'm really looking forward to making it more difficult the farther we climb up the ladder. The funniest thing is, as we've done this more and more, our macro is getting a lot better, and the needed APM is forcing us to react faster. So thank you Day9, for giving us a way to be both bad and good at the exact same time!