Fever Clan Multi-Gaming Community Recruiting for Heroes of the Storm

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Hello Everyone,

FeveClan is looking for awesme people to bea part of our Heroes ofthe Storm Community. Fever Members consist of allsorts of players from Casul to Comettive. We haweekly gme nights where layer can take a break from the day to day stresses of Ranked d unranked/Quick Match and have sme fun, try smehing new, or just mess around. Ther is Coaching for those that want to improve their game play and a wekly cadey where plaers of all skills meetand help each othr improv at the gae. Addtionally, a monthly tournaments will be hld where players can go head to head and see which team reigns supreme. All of this is open to guests as well so if you are unsure if yo wan to join, come join us for a few games and decie for yourself. Most of our players can be found on our Team Speak Server (ts.feverclan.com )
If you'd like t become amember of Fever Cn all you need to do is create an account on our forums, submit an applicatin, and do a quick interview. The purpose o the interviw is to mainly inform you about the clan, its nothing sary. Think of it s an inforational exchange.
Weeky Game Nights consisting of Brawl --> Ranked --> Custom 5v5's and More
Coachi for ompetitive Players
Guests are Welcomed to Join

Create Account here: http://feverclan.com/forums/register.php
Submit application: http://feverclan.com/forums/misc.php?do=application
Interviews: Conducted on our TeamSpeak server ( ts.feverclan.com )