NASL Season 4 Grand Finals

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The North American Star League is pleased to present the NASL Season 4 Grand Finals. As the culmination of an exciting season, the NASL Season 4 Grand Finals will pit the top placing players of NASL Season 4 against each other in a single-elimination tournament to determine the Season 4 Champion.



12:30 Polt vs Golden 12:00 HotS Showmatch 
13:30 Taeja vs HerO 13:30 HotS FFA Showmatch 
15:00 Violet vs Demuslim 14:45 3rd place match 
16:30 Sortof vs Hyun 17:00 Grand Finals 
18:00 Semifinal A   
20:00 Semifinal B   

All times are PST. Quarterfinals are BO5, semifinals and the grandfinals are BO7.

More detailed event information at and Liquipedia