Some of my thoughts about this

Sorry for the long post. Stalking/Harassment/Bullying has always been a topic for me. GL everyone who needs it. 

Reading about this reminded me of my time in specific music circles. New bands that started to make a name for themselves and how they got treated by fans, ex fans and anti fans. Whenever people are creating something that delivers means of escaping reality there seem to be recipients that can not handle specific aspects of it. Approachability (especially in online times) makes it really easy for those "fans" to overstep borders in their irrational/emotional state.

I guess there are loads of explanations and different opinions on where this is coming from but most important (in my eyes) is how to handle it. On a general level as well as a personal level. 

General level: I don't see a change of behavior from those harassers by shaming/blaming them. That rarely leads to change of own emotions. But I think that making this issue public is one important step. To make it visible. Talk about it. That won't get rid of the problem just like this but it could help the harassed side.

Personal level: Group up. Get friends and "professional" help to find a way to deal with the harassment and also the decision making whether or not it is something one is willing to accept as "part of the job". (Like it (and other things) is adviced to stalking/bullying victims. Don't go through it alone and don't keep it to oneself. I guess the "talk about it" part is my main point. Secrecy and being in it alone is the part that can and probably will eat you up alive in situations like this.