Tried it :(

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Now I can make a table in a spoiler but it messed up the layout after saving. Plus I don't get the table menu back when I try to change the table format after saving. Can't move the table around anymore either.

Look at that thread for the picture re-sizing. I tried it. Now I can't put it back. (It ignores my re-sizing even before saving.) I also can't delete the picture. (I tried a few times in different ways. One time it totally messed something up with the text. I put a screen cap in the spoiler.)
Please fix my formerly nice looking thread. :( (Stupid me tried it there cause I thought: Well at least I can just delete the changes, right? -.-)
EDIT: I fixed the image thing by using the development tool thingy in chrome. I couldn't stand that it looked that stupid with MLG starting today. :/ Will try to reproduce the problem in another thread.
EDIT2: Can't reproduce it so maybe it was a one time thing. :/