Net Detective

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I'm an Indie dev just putting out my first game on Android. I'm super excited and also incredibly nervous about what sort of reception it's going to get.

I came up with the idea for the game when I was checking email one day and those gmail ads on the side stuck out at me for being really weird and not making any sense in relation to the context of my mail. That's when I asked myself: if the only clue I had were these nonsense, out of context results from Google, could I work backward to figure out what the original search term was? So I put together a story to give meaning to the puzzles I was having players solve and fleshed out the design starting from this germ of an idea. Here's the pitch I've been using on the Play Store:

The internet can be a real puzzle sometimes. You turn to the internet for help with questions like "What is the tastiest dinosaur?" or "If a Yeti dies in Canada, does it die in real life?". But the internet's answers are not answers at all! What to make of the promises of "one weird trick", or the claims of local moms striking it rich? It can be so frustrating to cut through the baloney and reach the resolution that you deserve!

But now with the new game Net Detective, learn how to get to the bottom of this world wide web of deceit. Play along with internet detective Penny Purdue to decipher cryptic clues pulled from the deepest reaches of cyberspace. Solve twisted language puzzles and go on a most unexpected adventure as you too learn how to become a master cyber sleuth. Hurry, hurry! The game is afoot!


I did the game design, interface design, artwork, writing, puzzle creation, and coding and had help creating sound and music.

I'd love it if you guys would give the game try and I'd value any feedback you might have as I work on putting out an iOS version and updates for the game (the initial release has 5 of a planned 9 chapters). Also, if any other devs out there have launched a game for Android, any tips for increasing the visibility of the game? The Play store seems to be doing everything it can to bury my game and make it impossible to find.


Play store:


Twitter: @PennyPurdue (the name of my game's main character)