Miller Light (inspired by Veggieleezy)

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During today's Decktackular, Veggieleezy posted something in chat that was too inspiring to ignore...

"There should be a deck that is only slightly built around milling the opponent. And it should be called 'Miller Light'."

[Please forgive any slight misquote there; I didn't go back to the Twitch chat log to find the exact words.]

Who could resist such silly theme deck shenanigans? And how can we maximize this delicious pun? Because of the mention of "light", my first thought was Paladin, so here we go...

Below I present my first successful iteration of "Miller Light". I tried a few different deck lists before this; they crashed and burned or were too inconsisent to 'feel right'. This one finally felt fun, so I thought I'd share. Granted I'm playing at Rank 20 at the moment, but a victory is a victory when it comes to shenanigans! It made me laugh, and that's ultimately what matters. Thank you Veggieleezy, for the inspiration! <3

If anyone feels inspired to take this and further tweak it, I'd love to see your changes! Please post here or share on Twitter. :D (@7of0) This was fun enough for me that I'll probably continue to work on it myself, as well.

If the images aren't loading for you below, you can also find them here:

deck list

first game first victory