Photo Evidence! [Stone Hedge]

I thought some of you might appreciate 'actual photo evidence' of the mythical "Stone Hedge"! This was documented just this week on my trek home from what is known here as 'the grocery store'. What is baffling to historians and archaeologists alike, is that this was discovered not in Europe, but in the US... in Florida to be exact. Perhaps early settlers from the original European jungle tribe shipwrecked off the coast of Florida after being attacked by pirates? Maybe the survivors, forever parted from their beloved towers of German kale, sought to create a sense of the familiar in the 'new world'? For this to still be standing, the community they formed must have thrived for quite some time. I suppose that stands to reason, since the climate here is so very similar to that of their native tropical jungles... in Europe. :p

Stone Hedge

P.S. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, refer to Hearthstone Decktacular #200, Part 3. :)

P.P.S. Perhaps the brackets in "day[9]" are a reference to the horse's blinders; for it is the horse who is the cause of Felicity's blindness to the destiny she turned down.