Comments on HOTS

I am a mid-gold level terran player, and I have been watching a LOT of HOTS vids on youtube.  It got me thinking.  It's all well and good to see how the pros handle the new units, but won't they function VERY differently at my level?

For example:

Widow mine: Probably will become a staple in TvT, more or less ending the effectiveness of drops.

Combat Drug Reaper: Definitely bringing back reaper openers in higher-level play *shudders*

Swarmhost: I honestly cannot see anyway this will do anything at all except turn TvZ into. . . . .drumroll. . . . .infinitely long games on the magnitude of two terrans going for literally nothing but marine tank.

Oracle: 25 dmg/sec. to buildings?  HOLY CANOLI


At the same time I am really, really, trully, and wholeheartedly excited for the update.  So I am wondering, how do you guys think the meta will be for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum (nothing personal Diamonds and ups, but I am not good enough to play you).