I disagree

I've always played Protoss and I never find myself in a situation where I think "I did everything perfectly and my opponent who also played perfectly won because we're both perfect and his race is clearly advantaged." If you know timings and the threats your opponents are capable of based on how their mechanics work you will never be in a situation where you can't deduce with some accuracy what your opponent is doing.

The other day for example I opened with mostly Zealots into Colossus after getting 3 or 4 Observers out. Conventional wisdom says this is suicide because widow mines, however with that many observers when my opponent went widow mines it didn't do anything. I could see his drops leaving his base and intercept them with proxies on the map, and when he did make it to my base I had plenty of detection to prevent the mines from detonating. From there I still managed to get charge, storm, and 3/3 out on double forge with impunity. There was nothing Terran could do aside from attempt to drop and move his silly mines around, which was meaningless when you have 6+ Speed Observers on the map two proxy pylons and a speed warp prism. 

Zerg is the same thing, yes they have mobility, but if you have good scouting and map awareness and don't let Zerg completely control the map you can through process of elemination determine the location of the swarm with extreme effectiveness, then abuse the fact Zerg needs more bases by hitting them where they can't defend either with a warp prism, or by recalling with the mothership core or both. 

There is absolutely no point where having better mechanics and superior scouting will ever not win you the game, and to blame the strengths of another race versus the nerfs of your own race is foolish and a waste of time and energy.