I'm sorry but...

sOs's style isn't that revolutionary, it is interesting and worth exploring as it is aggressive and Protoss on aggression is actually a new idea that pretty much didn't exist until HoTS. The strat does run deeper than cheesing as the strat isn't reliant on the cheese but rather the scouting and follow up.

Jaedong's style isn't innovative at all, and if anything its borderline abusive. Its fast expand and then only counter attack which either works or doesn't depending on the preparedness of your opponent's defense and in PvZ in particular is followed up by a massive pure muta tech switch, which is only possible because Mutas are imbalanced in the match up. 

In that regard, sOs's style is actually very strong that it counters the chance of mutas later on. Literally though Jaedong's style comes down to "If being attacked then counter attack, if they have defenses, counter attack fails and army gets crushed, if not then look like genius."