Internet Pet-Peeves

This is just for those things you find on the Internet that you just absolutely despise!

The entire not AintFunny/DMG Tumblr Community. 
Biodin's cool too, but the amount of fake enlightenment of people stroking their own ego's to random .gifs makes me wish I were dead some nights. Also there are no normal people when it comes to politics there. They're either extremists, or morons. I'm cool with people who want to talk politics, and have dialogue, but screaming about the non-issue that is modern day feminism and not even considering why Humanitarianism might be a better idea gets really old.

Anyone who tweets T-Pain ever. I follow T-Pain because I find the excessive amount of Auto-Tune he uses to practically parody his own genre. I cannot stand the people who tweet at him. Apparently in America we no longer teach proper English. 

People who ALWAYS share every thing on Facebook no matter what. Did you guys know Facebook's gonna be closed in February? Me neither. But someone saw it on the Internet and decided to share that stuff like weed at a Lenard Skinnard Concert. 

People in Gold League who use the phrase "Get Rekt." 

Donocraft. And Snow. Snow's an idiot. 

Anyone who anytime there's a balance or debate over a certain strategy on any forum ever who pulls the "I'm in a higher league" card and then wont 1v1 me. Seriously bro, if you're gonna say your league's a measurement of your skill then you should have no problem playing against someone ranked lower...unless its not an accurate measurement of skill and you should stop using that as a crutch.

Any RP on any MMORPG or Forum that takes place only in a Cantina/Tavern/Cafe. Tavern RP, like Theme Park style MMOs is not a Genre, its an excuse.