It just used to be normal but thanks

About six months ago (just before this started) I played in a tournament and was playing 8 hours a day ontop of working 40 hours a week to stay good, but I had a huge personal crisis happen when my Mom had a breast cancer scare and there were talks of divorce and this whole affair thing my dad had came to surface and it kinda just executed my ability to play so I got crushed in the Semi-Finals.

But prior to that my average time spent supply blocked was under 30 seconds in every match up and back then I was playing Masters and Diamonds (my PvP had a 90% winrate until I started hitting masters regularly). Now I can't beat silvers or golds, got demoted, and my supply cap time is back up to just under a minute per game. Its embarrassing. And games I had won, like this happened towards the end of the day yesterday, I had this perfect engagement set up against my Terran, I'd done damage to his SCVs, I'd done harass, I'd killed off marines and for whatever reason just before the engagement I lose the ability to select any units other than one probe and it over rides all my hotkeys and I can't even type "pp" because the enter key just selected the probe.

So I went on tilt after all that and ended up etching a win out against a singular zerg but I played sooooooooo bad in that game if he'd upgraded at all he would have won. Just super on tilt, not really anxious, I am anxious about a girl I've been seeing outside of hte game which may attribute to that as well, but I feel good in game I'm just not doing well.