LoL, The Space Sim Genre, EQ1 and EQ2

To start this off, I would have to say League of Legends for me. The first few times I played it I had just gotten to silver, maybe gold in Starcraft 2 and because I wasn't in college at the time and only worked part time I had essentially infinite amounts of free time to play SC2. So I was used to this crazy fast, needs all your focus all the time game and went into the casual MOBA Genre for the first time.

The first thing I'll note here is that I despise, DESPISE the League of Legends community. To quote Obi-wan Kenobi, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." I know with great fame and a huge population comes a large portion of assholes as well. Still if you just want to casually play unranked draft because you really don't care for the try-hard ranked players people get MAD if something doesn't go right. Not like a little mad, like RAGE and like tell you off mad. Is you CS too low? Report. Did you get ganked? Report. Did anything at all go wrong? Report. Half the time its usually something like you called mid and locked a mid champ and they wanted to go mid, and were mad they weren't quick enough on the draw in blinds, or you were new and didn't really have any other champions to play so your hands were forced. And that's all the League Community is if you're playing blind, unranked, or you're in ELO Hell. Which sucks for new people because you're in a team game and the people you have to work with are the biggest assholes on the Internet. 

The second thing I'll bring up is the entire Space Simulation Genre, and by that I mean games like X3, Eve, and the up and coming Star Citizen/Squadron 42. I came in a little late for games like Freelancer, and Wing Squadron so I have only the infamous reports, and the knowledge I'll be saving up my money for a new rig so I can play Star Citizen when it launches, however I have played a few of the MMO Eve knock offs and X3: Terran Conflict and X3 Albion Prelude. I know this Genre isn't necessarily our triple A mega successful game market, but I think a lot of that is how hard it is to survive that environment. The idea of a galaxy with tons of ships that have all kinds of purposes that can be used to trade, or pirate, or wage war in and of itself is mind-blow, and who doesn't want to be Commander Shepard in a storyline you helped influence and create in a massive expansive sandbox? The only thing getting in the way of that is the games tend to have no direction at all and are really, REALLY hard. I love X3 for example, but I had to uninstall and reinstall it over the course of like 4 years multiple times before I could really figure out what to do with it. Most people went with trading for like 20+hours and building a mega-corporation in space. Cool for them, but I don't want an econ simulator, I wanna kill things. Finally I figured out how to pirate things and then I had to figure out space politics so I knew where I could sell my stolen craft and not get murdered for being well a murderer. Once I had money the games were great, but figuring out how to get from point A to point B shouldn't take several hundred plus hours.

Then finally I bring up Everquest one and Everquest two. I was like 12 when I first played Everquest. So here is my experience with Everquest one: I made Kygari my Half Elven Ayr'Dal Ranger. He was from Surefall Glade which was just east (I think it was east) of Qeynos, future home of Queen Antonyia Bayle, the Port City that lead to the Plains of Antonica on the western Edge of the Antonica continent. Across the and a deadly mountain pass lay the happy home of the halflings and across the common lands which was filled full of deadly orc clans and undead among other natural predators such as prides of lions and giant bugs you could come to The City of Freeport where hope would one day go to die. Yet this story is a meager story about an outcast, a Half Elf who awoke to his mentors in Surefall Glade. 

Everquest one didn't have a quest guide that told me where to go or what to do. So I did what anyone else would do. I took my short sword and I wondered around killing things. I didn't know how combat worked at the time, but I knew if I activated my auto attack, hit my target then jumped back and timed it right I'd be out of range of their retaliation and could fight them that way. Days I spent doing this until someone mentioned I should hail my mentor, which I did and it turns out I could talk to him and he could give me a quest if I did some dialogue options and he could start me on getting my first full set of armor. This is the most fucked up thing anyone has ever done to me. The ingredients you needed to make this armor was all rare drops off of rare spawns. It took me SO long to get that stupid armor, like months. Oh and at level 10 when you died you started losing exp AND all your equipment on your body and you had to get it back. So that was also a thing, incredible hardness.

This is why when Everquest Two came out and the decendent of my Ayr'Dal Ranger, another Ayr'Dal raised in the tradition of his family, the proud Norellian line that had fought faithfully before the crown of Qeynos (which is Sony EQ spelled Backwards!) bore to him Eaon, son of Dydric, son of Kygari before him. He had brilliant red hair like his mother, who was actually a Koada'Dal named Serasu. From the moment a ship rescued him from the sea and he was given a sword he was a merciless killing machine. A terrifying archer, a brilliant swordsmen, who never really had a challenge. Because the game was really easy actually. Like too easy. It came out I think a month before World of Warcraft, and those games were toned town to appeal to a wider audience. Also the Gnollish hordes that stalked Qeynos weren't as scary anymore, the Antonican Plains were gone, destroyed in the Cataclyism. Rivervale and the mountains were all but obliterated and lost to the Free People of Qeynos, and the commonlands and the Dark Forces of Freeport were all that remained. The game didn't have PvP yet at this time so we couldn't actually kill those who would exploit the shattered world of Norrath, and the game while good, wasn't actually very good. Years later (including now) I would argue EQ2 has actually lived up to its name and reputation, after numerous expansion packs EQ2 is in my opinion the BEST MMORPG on the market. Its got amazing lore, cool locations, dedicated fans, great races and classes, but when it came out it wasn't that great. 

Other honorable mentions: Morrowind the first time I played it, it was brutally difficult and I'd never played a sandbox game before. Devil May Cry 3, Battlefield 2, Diablo One (Fuck The Butcher and Fuck his Voice Actor), Il2 Strumolvic, any of the F22 Raptor games, The Original Sims which is a classic but the amount of eating/bathroom using your characters have to do is so bad. Yeah that's my list.