MMR Decay Mostly

A lot of people got placed in lower leagues, myself included. They added MMR decay to try and help players who didn't play for awhile ease back into it rather than take a lot of losses while getting their muscle memorization back and that kinda threw everything into chaos. 

With the desire to make Platinum up harder to get and more prestigious a lot of players got pushed down. For instance I was high plat and playing mostly diamonds and masters, chances are I was about to be promoted. MMR decay got introduced and I got demoted down to silver, I continued to play other Silver players who were still close to Diamond/Masters. However here's where things get weird. I had some stuff happen IRL and got stuck in a rut, I left for two weeks. Upon returning I played 2 Diamonds, beat them, then MMR decay made me play two Silver Players who were legitimately silver. 

What you end up with is if your MMR is high enough you can face players who are also in your league who's rank was previously much, much higher and get crushed for X number of games. Then because of X number of games you can then play Y players who are still in the same league as you because they belong in say silver, and then destroy them. You get an unrealistic MMR shift of going from "not winning ANYTHING" to "winning EVERYTHING!!!!1" constantly. Unless you were already a pretty decent player (not to be  arrogant, but I'll cite myself) its hard to find consistency, because I can consistently hit a certain mark and improve so my results and performance don't vary as much match to match.