Protoss Opening Strategy

So for me I've been going

14 Pylon
15 Gate
Assimilator at 75 after Gate
18 Pylon
20 Assimilator 
Cybercore after Gate
MSC at 100 Gas

My general philosophy for Protoss play has been everytime you get that 16/16 take a gas, this generally doesn't make you feel mineral starved and it gives you the options you need to decide your tech route. 

Versus Terran I skip the initial Zealot and go straight into double Adept while taking to like a solid 3 gate Twilight Council with a forge for upgrades and if needed cannons. I scout with the MSC. I find that if they're going for a typical Terran opening of Marines and Marauders if I end up with like 6 adepts and 3 stalkers I can usually just kill them outright because whent he Twilight Council finishes I can move my chrono's over to Adept Speed while techning smoothly into storm. 

Versus Zerg I open heavy 3 gate expand with lots of sentries and prepare for an early game push if they played greedy. Behind this I go robo for drop play (currently I've gotten back to gold and in almost every vZ I've played if I can get a WP, Z just hasn't figured out how to deal with it). I just divide from there and push, if they decide to tech switch on 2 or 3 bases into Mutas, then I just use the WP to go stalker heavy and kill them. 

Versus Protoss has been a little more tricky, I'm finding that 4gate Robo is very hard to fight against and its very coin flippy in that if I go robo to prepare for 4gate Robo or some kind of DT cheese then they can just go Oracle and kill me, likewise putting aggression in is very difficult because of the way the Mothership Core is right now being as powerful defensively as it is.