So I'm curious

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Donocraft (an MVP on Forums) recently posted thoughts on what we would change, these were mine I was wondering what yours are, or what you think of mine ^.^

Added or Improved

I think it would help activity and make things cooler if at the end of a season the top like 20 people in a division were locked in their spots and then gained access to the ability to enter small scale tournaments for the top 20 or so. That would make competition at all levels a thing, plus it would give you a reason to strive for high rankings on ladder within a division because right now they're rather irrelevant. I mean its cool to say you're rank 1 in a Division, but usually when I go for rank 1 in a division I just get promoted first, which defeats the purpose. 

So I think the addition of adding a tournament system to the highest ranked players on a bracket would be cool. You could give out achievements or whatever to the winner, and if it goes really well, the next season if players didn't get promoted the top 100 players due to tournament results could get placed in the regional's "Best" Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or Masters league where they could get special achievements/rewards so even if they got promoted out they could display their accomplishments as a player. 

 Number One Desired Change

A willingness to revert buffs. I think there were changes made to particularly Terran and in some circumstances Protoss in Wings of Liberty due to the strength of 4gating, and Stim Timing pushes, as well as 1/1/1 that aren't necessary anymore. The Mothership core makes it to where you can ordinarily defend these pushes anyway, and it opens up new timings for everyone to experiment with, so I think a willingness to look back at changes made in the past and be willing to experiment with them with current tools like the Mothership Core having been added is something worth examining. 

If I had a second suggestion I would try EMPing force fields to destroy them. I think the idea of an effective ghost rush is funny and that would have cool late game utility. 

 How do I think it could be added

PTR exists for option two, all it needs is the willingness to be done. 
For option 1, I think it would just have to be away to track and keep up with stats. I know blizz is smart, they could easily add the tournament system. The trouble would be what to do if players just dropped out and chose not to play, but I think the challenge and allure of having potential goals to work towards would be enough to inspire people to play. We know with achievements and skins, and cool avatars people will play, so if more are added as rewards you can only get for winning in those tournaments and qualifying for them and making it into higher slots would increase the competitiveness across the globe, but it would also give players the inspiration they need to fight harder and longer