Social media

I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and after each game that I win I like to post about something silly or stupid or awesome that happened and that usually keeps me reinvigorated to keep playing. I mean I get up at 6:00am to play because I work at 10:30 so I can play for four hours about work, then I go to work and think about builds and strats I want to try/improve on when I get home, then I come home and play more. 

Losing streaks are hard, but like you gotta make losing seem like not such a big deal. I was suffering in PvP earlier this week and kept losing, so I had to take the stress off of winning. The answer? I cannon rushed 100% of the PvPs I played yesterday, then took some Terran strat I've been working on (single stargate into double Robo on 2 bases while taking a third) and applied it to PvP and suddenly with Oracle Harass, WP Harass, and twice the immortal production of my opponent as well as VRs, I won all my games today. 

Just gotta do like sOs did in the WCS Grandfinals, make the game fun for yourself, and as Liquid'HerO has told me countless times before important games "Do your best."