[H] Roach/hydra vs biomine

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Hi, i'm a gold level zerg player that struggles with biomine.

I currenly use the 5 hatch mass ling/bling style of life (day9 daily 613) vs the biomine composition. But this style requires you to hit the injects (for the mass lings ofc) and proper micro vs the mines. My apm is not that high and my micro is not that good, so this style is quite hard for me.

So i was wondering if it is possible to do a roach/hydra style vs biomine. I was thinking of a gasless opening with 6 min double gas, first ling speed then immidiatly lair. Get +1 range with carapace out of the evo's and start getting roach/hydra.I know that this style is not used allot vs biomine due to its lacking mobility to drops. But wouldn't it be possible to leave like 3/4 blings + 1/2 spines at your main and natural to defend vs drops? Blings can work to kill the rines and the spines take out the rauders. Lings dont work as well vs drops since you don't get the melee attack, but blings still kill the rines if you get good hits.Also if you get to 2/2 upgrades, start getting the melee attack and add ultra's and infestors to the late game composition and then leaving out the roaches. Just keeping a small ball of lings to defend vs drops late game (or maybe even muta's?).

I would like some advice on this.
Any builds that do not involve ling/bling vs biomine are also greatly appreciated