TwitchTV Dashboard Plus - Chrome Extension

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TwitchTV Dashboard plus is a chrome extension intended to give streamers and moderators tools to interact with and manage chat in an easy clean integrated way. The user interface is seamlessly integrated into the already existing dashboard to give it a native feel.

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TwitchTV Dashboard Plus currently includes the following features...

Question Grabber

The question grabber highlights questions and can filter out any non-questions in the chat. At it's current phase you can type in keywords to identify if it is a question or not. Any chat that contains those keywords may be highlighted and/or only be show. 


The poll allows you to set multiple keywords to be listened to from the chat and count how many are being said. You can choose for a user to be only allowed one vote and make keywords case sensitive.


Easily Toggle On/Off

TwitchTV Dashboard plus is easily toggled on/off just by clicking the icon in the top right corner! This little icon doesn't show up unless you are on the dashboard. In the future it will save if you have it on/off per page. As of now it does not save at all, it is by default on.

(more features soon!)

Change Log


  • Added Poll
  • Modified about tab slightly.


  • Inital Release
  • Includes Question Grabber and about tab.


  • Add an "OR" operator for keywords (||)
  • Enable customization of question grabber highlighting.
  • Change "Question Grabber" to "Filter" once I make it have broad features that allow it to filter chat in different ways.
  • Make %'s and count for Poll more visual than text based.
  • Add bot - does commands on chat (writing text, banning etc.) when viewers say certain things.
  • Clean up code (don't look at it lol)
  • Saving settings (a profile kind of thing)

*plans are not in any particular order


You guys can help by giving me suggestions/feedback here in this very thread! Or email me at Make sure your title on the EMAIL includes "Tplus" or "TwitchTV Dashboard Plus" or else I may not see it.

I would love to hear what the forum members of think.

Firefox port will come eventually. Probably after bot is finished.