i have 3 things to say

1 the supply block thing is like a rthyme in a musical number u always comeback to the chourus after the verse(other buildings the pylons and probes) in other words its a mental checklist build probes watch the suply watch the minimap build armies money check build next gateway or robotics starport whatever the when u see the supply close to cap build next pylon (not nessisarily in this order and might have screwed up this analogy a bit but to me its about a rythem u find for yourself like a musical note  musicians have a mental checklist to follow i play guitar but its harder for me to aplly that logic even though i'm a former gold player 2 it all takes time and practise even though u seen many games on twitch or something that does not mean u will be good at the game i found that out early when i first started late 2011 in the sea server and the 2nd thing i'm trying to say is that we can only get better with practise playing the game  3 i'm a terran player and if u keep geting smashed by a terran bio ball the only problem u have is that on 2 bases don't try to get both colosi and high templar fast only take one because u can do 3 colosi on 2 bases but templar are diferent bcause u need 3 bases why because i know when my protoss is templaring if he has three bases not like templar aret great but the micro management will make  really slip cause u are trying to storm with colosi are easier because all u have to do is make them so there are no need for storms i've beaten many templar players in bronze cause of better macro i never even needed ghost to do it because the everige bronze templaring player can't storm and macro at the same time ok i hope this helps u mate have a nice day