roaches man

i'm a terran player and i think u are waiting too bloody long mate the longer they mech the harder it is for zerg to counter if i were u build roaches as fast as u can be warned u might want your scouting to be on point cause time is a killer for macroing terrans players  cuase that many tanks mean u are leting him go unanswered all game long mate so build roaches the moment u see more then one factory then he needs to stall be agressive but don't do it if u like 8 racs and 2 facs  (on side not rediculous cause geting too many units in the copostion) cause roaches vs a bio army is a problem why cause marauders  can beat them oh and i found that if u get closer to the enemy in fights don't just select and click attack get them closer tends to help me win fights when i tvp why cause chances are when u select and tell them to attack the pile up front start shooting but the back is not so when u send your ball closer everyone will be shooting at once i found this true cause i had a bad partner in 2v2 and then i just went marine vs marine i beat both players cause of this techniqe cause they clustered up and only the front was attacing and both sides for most of then time were unupgraded so i was too i had a cluster of marines then as i moved them closer slowly cause i hit move attack every inche and they fell like flys