Hardest riddle ever.

So here's one for you, I found this series somewhere around 7 years ago, I was never even able to get past the first one. There is no randomness, you need to find a pattern of thinking and find 1 word, present in the riddle's text following the clues. Once you find the world, you use that to decrypt the next one. I really do hope you get an idea. Again, there are no plausible exterior answers, all you need to know is present in the text of the riddle. No presumptions, no catches, no tricks. 

Here's the riddle:

Never deny what you have seen before your eyes
Outside your peaceful home everything dies.
The time is moving way to fast for me.

This feels like someone is staring
Hour by hour, deceiving, ensnaring.
I don't believe in his devilish looks.
Sometimes, I feel like I'm caught by some hooks.

Loner, why are you going away
I never surrender, I never betray.
Never deny what you'll now feel
Ever believe in what isn't real.

What does it mean? I'm asking again...
A word that fits and does not inflict pain.
One star is bright on the night sky
Seems like I've seen it before.
No, they're actually two, one near another
Be I dead if I see what's between them.

What seems to be hiding behind those spots
Is something that you've always been looking for.
A little bit lower search and you'll find,
You feel it and you can see it bind.
As you look down, beneath the earth,
You see a face that resembles death.
A face that is staring at your soul in pain
His looks...they just make you complain.

Again, everything you need is in the riddle. That's what it said at least. I have the encrypted next riddles, should anyone be interested.