One day I found myself searching the internet for some new arcade games (the current arcade interface makes it somewhat difficult to find more than the most played games) and I found this post on reddit. I suggest you take a look to shorten my story here. 

When I read what that man wrote, I felt that ardent passion (that I knew from other things, unrelated to SC2) which I knew would only appear is something was truly worth it. And Smashcraft is.

Long story short - Smashcraft is a brilliant arcade map, highly played sometime but died 2 years ago. I have been playing SC2 since it's release and I have never heard of it. Truly a shame. The creator no longer works on it, and even though it is out-dated technologically (meaning the editor has new features since it's last update) it is one of the most fun maps I have ever tried.

Now I bring out my hope to you - try it out, gather some friends. I guarantee some fun. 

I wish there was a competitive scene for this again, but for now I'd love it if you gave it a chance. 

Maybe some subscriber Smashcraft sometimes :D I'd love to see that, to be honest!