[H] TvP *Gold*

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Hello, I am Shade, I was wondering if anyone can help me with my TvP?

I watch pro-streams and such and I think I'm using the correct composition from what I saw, not sure about the tanks though. I have a replay of a recent TvP game, I macroed decently, not too good though, at the beginning was a little not so good because I needed more production.

It seems that I don't really know how to engage against the protoss army and how I should be using my units, my ghosts never had enough energy for EMP even with me getting them pretty early. Also I see a few places where if I made a slightly different decision I would've probably created a huge advantage, such as:

Killing his natural with either of my 2 pushes during the game.

Be more aggressive against his army after I kill the colossi and he starts going stargate.

A couple marine marauder got stuck in the middle of my tanks when I was hitting his colossi and trying to move my tanks to the high ground, but the tab was on the marauders so I couldn't unsiege and I didn't notice in time, probably would've done more damage, not sure.

Get weapon upgrades for my tanks/hellbats.

Thanks! Want your feedback on my adjustments and would like to hear a few of yours!


http://drop.sc/346570 <- Btw, he msged me after and said "you suck" (lol, my macro was better) even though we played a 44min game where I could've probably killed him with a few minor changes. 

http://drop.sc/346866 <- Very hiccupy scv production, but a small push at the beginning was difficult to hold off and I'm not sure how I could've held that better with the macro I had, I think I could hold it better if I macroed more efficiently but was wondering how you lock down that kind of aggression and return it the best way possible.