Voidcaller Mal'Ganis Deck

So I just unwrapped Malganis. So I got inspired to make a deck based around voidcaller and big nasty demons. My favorite play was vs. a midrange paladin, who killed my voidcaller on turn 4. On Turn five I copied it with a faceless manipulator, and was able to beat him down by turn 7, with the help of another voidcaller giving me an Infernal.

Admittedly, the other fun time was actually not good for me. Voidcaller pulled out Mal'ganis, who yells "I am Mal'Ganis, I am eternal," and before he is done with his dialogue he is killed by Big Game Hunter. Very eternal.

1M: 2x Zombie Chow
2M: 2x Dark Bomb
2M: 2x Ancient Watcher
2M: 2x Ironbeak Owl
2M: 2x Sunfury Protector
3M: 1x Big Game Hunter
3M: 1x Earthen Ring Farseer
4M: 1x Hellfire
4M: 2x Shadowflame
4M: 1x Defender of Argus
4M: 2x Voidcaller
5M: 1x Faceless Manipulator
5M: 2x Floating Watcher
5M: 2x Sludge Belcher
6M: 2x Siphon Soul
6M: 1x Dread Infernal
9M: 1x Mal'Ganis
9M: 1x Lord Jaraxxus20M: 2x Molten Giant

The overall playstyle is handlock, but you have some early game options. The Mountain Giants and Drakes are dropped so you have some early control options and don't have to hoard cards. Meanwhile in the midgame you can try to get a voidcaller to open up a demon. I don't run more demons because you do not get much tempo from getting the low cost demons out, and most of the time they disrupt your early game tempo by costing cards or crystals. Also getting Jaraxxus out via voidcaller isn't usually a disaster early on. a 3/15 that you can buff with taunts is a big presence.