How to Learn Terran

Hi all. I used to be a Diamond league Protoss on SEA and NA back during the first 2 seasons of SC2. While I enjoyed beating the shit out of everyone with 4 GATE, 3 GATE ROBO etc... Protoss just didn't seem like the race for me. After a short hiatus I came back and tried playing Zerg. This was I believe about season 4. I managed to get to Diamond during the end of season 3 but quickly got demoted to Platinum. I enjoyed Zerg much, especially since it was the underdog back then. After another hiatus I returned this season to find the metagame quite different from how I left it. Zergs and Protoss now rule the former Terran empire. 

While I tried playing a lot more games as Zerg the race just didn't seem too appealing for me anymore. I play a lot of team games as RANDOM and I've actually considered trying to take playing 1v1 RANDOM seriously. Unfortunately I do not think I can reach Master's league with the limited time I have (2-3 hrs a day).

With this, I am planning to try and play the 1v1 ladder with the race I am least familiar with, Terran. I think that due to the huge time I spent on hiatus and the big change in the metagame this might be the best time for me to switch races. My biggest problem with Terran is the macro. With Zerg I feel pretty confident as I rarely miss injects, almost always finish up my larva during the early stages of the game, etc... But with Terran, I usually find myself in the worst macro situation. I can keep my money low during the early game (before 8-9 minutes) but when I start harassing or moving out my money just skyrockets. I know the solution here is obvious, but I could really use some pointers. 

Also, I find bio splitting micro too much of a pain. I can hardly do it. :(

Mech I love :3