Daily request

Dear day[9], I was hoping you could commentate on some PvZ matches, as we haven't seen any of these in a LONG time on a daily. PvZ is getting more difficult, and personally, I can't win any games vs them. My win rates are over 70% for the other two match ups, by vs Zerg, it's at 34%. I've tried all builds, from 3immortal + WP play, 8 gate and WP play, DT rush, standard collosus play, stargate play, and early pressure builds.... the list continue.

If I go for a play meant to damage the zerg early on (ex: kill his third and leave) I don't do enough damage. If I go for a macro play and attack anytime above 8-9 minutes, it seems like my opponent is going off of a dozen bases with five hundred workers (an exaggeration  but it may as well be true) and he destroys my army and/or my economy. 

It's at the point where I'm about to give up on this game. I'm begging you to please do a daily with some PvZ builds, to both give me new ones and to also show me how to properly do them. I am currently in top plat. If my PvZ was at a 50%, I'd be high diamond... fixing this match up is what I need to give me that extra boost and to stop me from rage quiting this game for good.