IvD Invitational Tournament - This Saturday! 4PM EST

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Just a moment of your time...

Sparknotes Version:

What: IvD Gaming tournament #80, our $200 Casted Invitational Online Tournament
When: Saturday, Feb. 10th at 4PM EST, 1PM PST
Who: Diamond through GM level players from around the world!
Where: z33k and IvDGaming.com
Why: Because we're IvD, and it's what we do! :D

1st - PulseKane
2nd - GosuApoc
3rd - coLQXC
4th - IvDYoda
--I'll try and get the youtube videos embedded for you guys once they're up :D! Thanks for everyone who showed up!!

Hey guys!

Coming up this Saturday IvDGaming is hosting IvD #80, our first Invitational with a $200.00 Prize Pool. We're going to have some fantastic players from around the world competing head to head online. 
The tournament is going to be live streamed and casted by the IvD Team, estimated 4 casting teams running at once, and we would be greatly honored if you stopped by and tuned in during your busy Saturday!

We're looking forward to seeing some great play out of all the competitors, and to have the honor of casting these games.

Our Current Lineup:



  • VD.Cham [Z]
  • LaG.Crbox [Z]
  • LaG.RomanDragon [Z]
  • TJ.CubeBy [Z]
  • Kane [Z]
  • coL.TriMaster [T]
  • qmX.RuineD [T]
  • Bortosh [T]
  • Quantic.Apocalypse [T]
  • LaG.FiveYearOld [P]
  • Shieldz [P]
  • Quantic.Perfect [P]
  • OG.KurOa [P]
  • Quantic.HwangSin [P]
  • c.Shew [P]
  • |FK|Thunder [P]
  • coL.QXC [T]
  • CRG.Revolution [Z]
  • FG.Legend [T]
  • SCA.Astrea [P]
  • fLc.Cerberus [T]
  • UR.Voice [P]
  • Ks.Jig [Z]
  • RoH.MaydorK [P]
  • RegnBågsMakt [Z]
  • CaFFeiNe [Z]
  • wzp [Z]
  • SliTaz [Z]
  • OG.WinD [Z]
  • LaG.Believe [P]
  • LaG.Abstract [P]
  • Intense [T]

$100 - 1st Place

$70 - 2nd Place

$30 - 3rd Place

But who is IvD?

In short, IvDGaming is a casting team that hosts online tournaments across all leagues, including tournaments from Bronze-Silver tournaments to Diamond-Masters tournaments, as well as all league tournaments and invitationals with prize pools. This coming Saturday will be our tournament with our largest prize pool yet. IvDGaming wants everyone to have the opportunity to be casted, and believes that fun and entertainment can be found in tournaments that include more than just the Top-Tier players from around the world. Our website is here if you would like to learn more.

So where do I show up?

You can find the streams for all our casters, whenever they're live on the IvD Streams Page, alternatively the z33k page for the tournament will have the main stream for the tournament embedded in it, though you won't be able to catch all the action if you aren't on our website.


If you want to keep up to date on all the happenings of IvD, or if you're interested in participating in some of our open bracket tournaments in the future then you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join our z33k group.
Also, you can find an archive of our streamed games on YouTube.

And Finally.

Thank you, to everyone who took the time to read this thread, to everyone who shows up, to all the players who are participating in the tournament, to the rest of the IvD Team, and of course to NTucker, who got me to get off my lazy a** and redo this thread.