[G] TvP - A build and in detail analysis


I am a Diamond Terran from EU, Scotland, and have noticed a lot of Terran players being a bit, shall we say, colourful with how they feel about Protoss. That inspired me to write up this guide on the match-up, taken entirely from my perspective. It's a build that more than likely was done by a professional at some point, but I have interpreted it in my own way with reasoning.

This is a link to it >> https://docs.google.com/document/d/15T6Vn3hRJaVO_kSopn0HDfEBrMuiZJk2f9e-H070P2U/edit?usp=sharing

It is VERY long. That's why I am providing a link rather than copy and pasting, it is over 10 pages, and covers a lot of what can happen in the match-up. It is obviously not going to be 100% perfect, as builds differ all the time from the Protoss players. 

Hopefully it helps some of you, if you have any comments on it please feel free to let me know, as the meta game shifts I want to try and keep this up to date!