Zerg looking for help

so i got promoted to plat at the begging of this season, for the first time ever yay me!  lived my life of hots in gold until this season. and starting out in plat i was doing pretty okay, good even.  but i took a week - 2 week break and i come back, and im losing every single game ever.  in the last 3 days i've played maybe 25 ish games (which is low i know) but of the 25 i've only won 4. which is wrong. i've never had this kind of drought before. and its mainly in ZvP but every MU really has gone to shit. was there a super secret zergling nerf in the last 2-3 weeks?  my builds are auto losing when 2 weeks ago they were pretty good. i really just need anyone to help me.  signed up for the DKL and hopefully i do well enough it re-kindles my spirit (but im expecting to get knocked out instantly because i can't win ever).  i can post some replays if anyone is actually going to help me but i expect these words to fall on deaf ears. the SC2 zerg forums was a waist of time asking for help, maybe you Day[Knights] will prove better. 

summary of builds im using: ZvP quick tech up to ultras (10-13 min hive + ultra cavern) and until then a flood of lings (which is where im auto losing to just mass zealots on 2 base because "7 gates lol die im ptoss") 
the ZvT BO im using is a variation of TLOs zvt bo where he goes 15h 16p, continue to only drone, take a third and queens (4) and 2 gas at 36 drones into ling/bane/muta,  and if i had to say, zvt is my best MU right now

and the zvz build order i do is ST_Life's 13/12 banes zvz. all in, but i can't get a feel for zvz otherwise, if i try to expand with out putting on pressure and putting them exactly where i want them, like a 15p 15h macro game, i just all in'd with a round of injected lings (and i know im suppose to check drones at nat, the OL is there i just never do, or i miss read it amazingly enough) so i just auto die to a party of lings. 

if you do read this thanks for at least hearing my words :\   hopefully someone can help me because im so very close to giving it all up :(