University Project: Stairs

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Hello guys!
I just wanted to make you guys aware of what I and seven friends have been doing for the last couple of months. We've been working on a game with the title "Stairs" and we're going to compete with the title in the "Swedish Game Awards" (SGA from now on).

Stairs -Teaser Trailer

Why are we doing this?
The idea was to create a "flashback" to old-school horror games, as we believe that most horror games of today have become a hybrid of action and shooters. So we wanted to "go back", so to speak, and what we created was Stairs.

What is Stairs?
"Dwell deep into the unknown and into the mind of the weak and the wounded. Learn to obey your deepest fears, interact with other peoples worst nightmares and survive the twisted images created by the dark side of our psyche."

The game has been in development for about ten weeks and it's running in the UDK engine. Right now, we have a Proof of Concept of the game and as soon as we're done at SGA we're most likely going to make it available to the public, for free. What happens from there? We're not sure yet, but we hope to be able to keep on developing the game and see what it leads up to. But we're still students, so this is more or less an experiment from our side, and a very exciting at that!

Got any questions? Feel free to ask away!