Help in TvT

I am a silver terran 1v1 and I play pretty fast imo(about 130 apm), early game I hold off almost anything, either protoss , zerg or terran, I've held off 6pools, 4gates unprepared, whatever... The thing is that in TvT, when I get into the mid game, I encounter siege tanks(cuz that's the fu cking metagame)... ALWAYS. I'm a sort of bio player with fast units, not a meching player... And so, I have a build vs terran which I execute OK. It's a marine medivac +1 push at 10 mins, but after that timing attack everything I throw at him he punishes with siege tanks attacks and wins. I tried changing my build a bit, adding myself siege tanks, but I don't control them well and I sincerely don't like them. What should I do? Any recomandations?