Candy Box (1 & 2)

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What is Candy Box?

Candy Box is a little browser game where you collect a candy each second that passes, and you have a few options for the candies you collect. You can eat them, you can throw them on the ground, or you can use them to buy stuff from the Candy Merchant (who looks suspiciously like Tom Baker….hmmm…..). You can also go on some amusing quests that get increasingly ridiculous, and even a bit serious by the end. The more you play, the deeper the game goes with riddles, weapon upgrades, item collection, and some awesome meta-game commentary.

The Sequel?

The sequel to Candy Box, Candy Box 2, just launched today and it brings back all the excitement of collecting candies each second, but it expands the world, making the journey far less linear than the original. There are new areas, new riddles to solve, new enemies to defeat, and an added exciting feature. Once a player finishes the game, the player gains access to development. Players can then create new quests that will be shared with the community of players who finish the game.

Why should we care?

I mean, aside from the fact that the games are really cool and super addictive, I’m also curious what your all’s take on these games is. Do you all like these types of games? Apparently there are several others that have cropped up since the creation of the original Candy Box. Would you all be interested in developing quests for a game like this? What is it exactly about this game that keeps people (like me) still playing them?