Day[9]TV Volunteer List

Hello Everyone!

I know a lot of people have emailed us asking how they can get involved with volunteering for Day[9]TV (we have a volunteers email address afterall!), and we've honestly been super overwhelmed with the offers that come in regularly! You all are awesome!

At the moment, we don't have any major projects for which we need volunteers, but we decided that we need a better system to find out who all our wonderful volunteers are, where you all are, and what you all can do! 

So, I've set up this thread to try to get an account of everyone who has volunteered to help out with Day[9]TV. If you've emailed, please still post here! We want everything in one place. And our amazing ESports Heroes that helped get the remodeled site live, please also post here as well!  We want to get to know everyone better!

Please Post the Following

  • Your name
  • 3 - 5 areas you would like to volunteer with: No less than three, no more than 5. 
    • Please be as specific with this as you can. What are your skill sets?
  • Where you are in the world - US west coast, Germany, Australia, etc.

Thanks for Being Awesome!

We'll be sure to create a thread when some cool project comes along for which we need your all's help!