DayKnight Game Servers

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We’ve been working with a team of very dedicated DayKnights to set up game servers for the community so we can all play our favorite games together. We’re starting small, so there’s only a couple of servers set up, but we intend to grow! Below is the information you will need to join your fellow DayKnights on our own servers!

Server Etiquette: Remember to be awesome! This should not really be a problem (because DayKnights are bastions of civility online), but remember we’re here to enjoy one another’s company! Keep griefing to a minimum. :)

DayKnight Raidcall: We do have a Raidcall group that we are encouraging DayKnights to hang out in to find people to play with. The ID is 8401093. Raidcall is free, and you can voice chat with your fellow DayKnights while playing whatever games you wish! Thanks to Lord Matsu for setting it up!

Team Fortress 2:

  • 24 slot server
  • Access by keyword search: "dayknight"
  • Password: threxrules
    • Because he does. :D


  • 40 slot server
  • Access by connecting to
  • Have you already set up a server for DayKnights for a game not listed here?
    • Post the information to access the server below and we’ll get it added to the list! Just be sure it is as open as possible so everyone can join us!
  • Is there some information about a server that you would like to have that is not currently listed?
    • Post your questions so we can get the answers posted!
  • Have an idea for a game that we need a server for that is not listed?
    • Post the game below and we’ll look into getting it added! Note: Games that have more than one person requesting it will get priority, so if you want to see a DayKnight server for your favorite game, make sure you get your fellow DayKnights to request it!
  • Want to meet up with friends on the servers?
    • Make a thread in the Other Games forum to organize it and be sure to link to this thread so everyone knows how to access it!