DayKnight Time Hangout

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By popular demand, we need a new thread for the Weekly Thursday Hangout. The old thread has gotten a bit unruly in size, and the hangout itself has transformed (yet again!). What DayKnights want, DayKnights get! ;)

DayKnight Time Hangout

Thursdays at 7:30 Pacific Time (whether Standard or Daylight)

The DayKnight Time Hangout happens on Thursday nights, and a bunch of the absolutely wonderful DayKnights sit around in a G+ video chat Hangout and enjoy one another's company, talking and playing games together. The ever so talented nomikkh starts the Hangout, and up to 9 other DayKnights can join us in a single G+ Hangout.

But don't worry! If we have more than that, we can always create a second video chat to accommodate everyone!

What is DayKnight Time?

DayKnight Time is the Twitch stream created by the obscenely industrious Trumpetmcool to broadcast the antics of DayKnights while they play various games together. Games vary widely from StarCraft 2 monobattles and arcade games, to silly games like Worms Revolution. Players come from the hangout itself as well as the Twitch chat.

Trumpetmcool will post what game we are playing each week as a response to this thread and also on Twitter each Wednesday, so everyone has enough time to get the game if they do not already have it.

Enjoy watching DayKnights tryhard at all the games and answer random questions pulled from a separately streamed question segment as well as the live chat over at Trumpetmcool's stream!

How to Participate

Everyone is invited to participate in any and every portion of the DayKnight Time Hangout. You do not have to be a subscriber to join us! The DayKnight Time Hangout is for all.

You will need to set up your Google+ profile and install the Google Hangouts App on whatever device you are using. If you don’t have the app installed when you try to join the Hangout, Google will prompt you to do so.

After you’ve done this, you can join the Hangout in one of two ways: Join once the stream goes live, or join early for the pre-stream craziness (and trust me, pre-stream is crazy).

Join the live stream:

The stream goes live shortly after the Thursday Daily ends. Type !hangout into the Twitch chat to get the url for the hangout. Make sure you are logged in to G+ and then click the link! 

Join the pre-stream shenanigans:

Below are detailed instructions (in a spoiler) for getting the G+ notification that the Hangout is live (generally a half-hour to an hour before the DayKnight Time Stream is live).

The tl;dr version: Fill out this form (once only please!). Add nomikkh (and SteppeLively as a backup) on G+ and be logged in on Thursday nights. Join when you get the notification!


  • Fill out this form so Trumpetmcool knows what your shoutouts will be at the end of the stream.
    • If you need to change your shoutouts: do not fill out the form again. Email Trumpetmcool –
  • Set up your Google+ Profile and install the Google Hangout App. (should already be done, yeah?)
  • Add nomikkh to your Google+ circles. As a backup, be sure to add me (steppelively) as well!
  • Email us to let us know you are a DayKnight (her @gmail is nomikkh, and mine is steppelively), so we can be sure to get you into the right circle!
  • Have your Google+ Home page open at the scheduled time.
    • Here’s a link to what the G+ Home page looks like. This screen is your friend.
  • You will receive a notification (barring any G+ glitches, which sometimes happen) letting you know the Hangout is live.
    • Here’s a link showing the places you’ll find the notification. 
    • You should see a red notification symbol on the bell in the top right yellow circle. The Hangout chat will appear along the side bar where the middle yellow circle is, and in the bottom yellow circle, the green bar will become a red bar that says a Hangout is live.
    • The blue circle on the left is where a “refresh” button will appear when the hangout goes live, showing the hangout post on the feed on your home page. Here’s a link to a recent post for the DayKnight Time Hangout. When the Hangout’s live, there will be a big friendly green button that says to join the call!
  • Hangout with us in whatever format you wish: video, voice, or text!

This Week's Game:

Town of Salem


How Can I Help?

If you are interested in helping to make the DayKnight Time stream a more awesome place, please consider volunteering for weekly, or more long term positions! The show is by DayKnights, for DayKnights, so let's pitch in and help out!!



A: The hangout itself starts at 7:30pm PT on Thursday nights and goes until everyone is too tired to stay in the chat!


A: As a tradition held over from the National Novel Writing Month days, yes the hangout itself starts while the amazing Day[9] is still live. Come hang out and watch Day[9] with us! It's like having your room filled with friends who are all watching Day[9] together!


A: DayKnight Time starts some time shortly following the end of the Day[9] Daily. We would never pull people away from the Daily to watch another stream. Trumpetmcool will post information in the Day[9] chat after Day[9] goes offline. If you're a regular in chat, you'll see it!


A: Trumpetmcool tries to keep DayKnight Time somewhere in the vicinity of two and a half hours. If you join us in the G+ Hangout, you'll note that we continue hanging out even after the stream ends. So the process goes: Join Hangout. Participate in DayKnight Time live stream of Hangout. Stay in Hangout after live stream ends. Leave when you must!


A: Trumpetmcool will announce each week's game on Wednesday. He'll post a response to this thread with the information, and we'll update the OP to show that as well. He will also announce the game on Twitter.


A: Please email if you need to update any of the information on the form! Please, please do not resubmit the form as that creates duplicates in the spreadsheet and makes headaches for Trumpet. :D


A: Well, there are several differences. DayKnight Time is Thursdays after the Daily, and Friday Knights is on Fridays after Day[9]’s Day Off. Trumpetmcool archives DayKnight Time on his YouTube channel, and Friday Knights does not archive at all. Also, the hosts are completely different. For more information about Friday Knights, check out the main thread!


A: Probably not. G+ is sometimes glitchy. If you are having issues finding us, message nomikkh or steppelively directly on G+ (go to her profile linked above and there should be a button to message her), and someone will get you added. You can also tweet at them (@smlsullivan and @nomikkh), and they promise to keep an eye on Twitter for any such messages.


A: The Hangout has been growing and changing since its inception in November of 2013. We would love to do more things that are accessible to DayKnights around the world. Send me an email ( and we can talk about ideas to make it easier for our international brothers and sisters to join us!


A: The hangout for DayKnight writers has split into its own smaller group and meets on Wednesdays! You can find the thread for that here and join either or both as you desire!


A: Post your question as a response below and we’ll add it to the FAQ!