DayKnights Weekly Hangout!

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I should clearly create a cool banner like we had for NaNoWriMo, but I don't have anything (yet). 

What is the Weekly Hangout?

The Weekly Hangout started with DayKnights participating in National Novel Writing Month hanging out via Google+ Hangouts to support one another on our insane mission to write 50k words in the 30 days of November. Some of us made it, some of us didn't, but we all tried and wrote more than we would have if we had not challenged ourselves. 

We liked hanging out so much that we've decided to continue the weekly hangouts, and while it started with the NanoKnights (DayKnights doing Nano), all DayKnights are welcome to join us. The schedule for the weekly hangout is listed below.

To our friends outside the US, or otherwise unable to participate due to scheduling: If you want another hangout at a more reasonable time for you, just let me know, and (important) suggest a time!

What do we do in the Hangout?

  • Talk about whatever comes to mind, from good books and tv shows, to massive nerd-outs about Dungeons & Dragons, whatever!
  • Provide brainstorming/troubleshooting help with whatever works in progress are giving writerly DayKnights trouble
  • Work together on writing exercises (occasionally) to improve our craft of writing (usually in a special, separate hangout)

How to Participate in the Hangout

  • Set up your G+ profile
  • Find me on G+ and add me to your circles (it may be helpful to add some of the other DayKnights as well)
  • Be sure to email me (either @gmail, which is steppelively, or so I make sure to add you to the DayKnights circle
  • Make sure you have the Google Hangout app installed (If you don’t have this installed when you try to join the hangout, it will prompt you to do so)
  • Be online when the Hangout is supposed to begin. You should receive a notification when the hangout goes live, and all you have to do is click “join”
  • Hangout with us in whatever format you prefer: video chat, voice chat, or text chat!

When is the Weekly Hangout?

Every Week: Thursday, 7:30 PST (many of us multitask and watch Day[9] while we hangout!)