Euro DayKnights!! Need input!!!

I'm reaching out to all of our wonderful EU Knights who are so amazing and stick with us even when most events happen at ungodly hours of the night/morning. :D

I've been saying for a while now (years?) that we desperately need some community events that are especially catering to the EU timezones, and now we're working on it more directly, but we need your help!!!

If we were to do a stream where we're all hanging out and playing games together on a regular basis, what games would you like to play? What days/times work best for you all? I feel like I've asked this a million times, but hey, what's one more shot, eh? 

Just reply below with games/times/days, and we'll get this thing rolling.

Who needs to wait for special editions of shows/events? Let's make the shows/events! Who's with me?