Fastest Max!!!! - Zerg

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Our Fastest Max!!!! - Terran has just completed this morning! Congratulations to Bluemage for securing the top slot! This series continues today with the Zerg edition! It's the same rules as before, but this time your race must be Zerg!

If Terran wasn't your race of choice, or just barely missed the Top 3 last time, here's another chance!

Fastest Max!!!! - Zerg

The object is simple: Get to 200/200 supply as fast you possibly can, playing Zerg in HotS.  To do this, play a solo custom game, ie NO OPPONENT!  (Doing this on the ladder would be way too hard lol).

Use whatever tactic you desire to accomplish the goal. Build whatever you want, however you want. Just get to 200/200 fast!  Only restriction is that you must use REGULAR 1v1 LADDER MAPS!

To participate, post the replay of your fastest time to this thread and include your qualifying time! 

For fun, share how you did it! See if anyone do it faster than you! Encourage each other! Engage in some friendly banter (emphasis on friendly!) Have fun!

I'll be updating a list of our Top 3 qualifiers twice each day at 9:00 am and 9:00 pm PDT so you can keep an eye on who has the time to beat!

We cross the finish line at 9:00 am PDT on May 15th! Post your fastest time! We'll send out prizes for our Top 3 Winners!

1st Place: Signed Day[9] Mousepad, your choice of SC2 T-Shirt (I <3 SC, or Terran Marine), and Megablocks Battlecruiser

2nd Place: Signed Day[9] Mousepad, and your choice of SC2 T-Shirt (I <3 SC, or Terran Marine)

3rd Place: Signed Day[9] Mousepad

Rules Clarifications!

Go Solo on Regular 1v1 Ladder Maps!

Resume From Replay is allowed for this challenge!

Game speed is up to you all! Feel free to play at a faster or slower speed as suits you!

Current Standings - Subject to Verification

Updated 9:00 am PDT 5/15/13

1st Place: 9:35 - Anders Cridland and Andrei Yauseyenka
                               Anders -
                               Andrei -

2nd Place: 9:41 - FluffyPanda (Taberu) -

3rd Place: 9:42 - EyeSeeEm -