My two cents on the golden cards: I think the issue is really that people invested time/money into getting rare cards that they believed they would always play. The idea is that if they'd known that these cards would eventually become unplayable (think tourney setting, thus only Standard applies), they would not have invested that much time into the goldens, opting for spending that time/money elsewhere.

It's about how people would have acted if they'd known this was coming, as was mentioned before with the WoW comparison. People paid (in time or money) for one thing, and now they have something else entirely.

Personally, knowing that I will only have a limited time to purchase the various expansions before the cards become craft-only makes me less inclined to try to get them at all instead of more. I don't do well with time limits though. I know many other people where the "limited" sense of the cards will make them desire to get them more quickly and thus either play more or pay more. I really really enjoy collecting, and now that trying to collect all the cards at my own pace has been stonewalled in many ways, it is simply discouraging. Not that I won't still try, I'm a collector after all. It just is going to be a whole lot less play time for me.