Happy October Costume Contest!

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Happy October, DayKnights!

It is officially the season of costumes! Halloween is just basically an excuse to come up with an awesome outfit, right? Well, we’ve decided that this is the case and are thus running a costume contest!

That’s right, break out your best Kerrigan outfit, or perhaps Zeratul, and show us what you’ve got! Or, if you prefer, show us your Last of Us zombie attire, or your Half Life 2 Gordon Freeman. Whatever you want! We will pick the top 3 gaming related costumes to present with prizes. Feel free to post any costume here, although only gaming related ones will be eligible for prizes.

To Enter

  1. Deck yourself out in your amazing gaming themed costume
  2. Take a sweet, sweet picture of you wearing said costume (see below for eligibility confirmation)
  3. Host the image to a site like imgur
  4. Post your image as a reply to this post (see spoiler below for instructions on how)
  5. Be sure you post on or before 11:59pm on Friday, November 1st (this way you can take that sweet picture while celebrating at your Halloween party! Yeah!)

Eligibility Confirmation

We really want to see all of the coolest gaming costumes we can, but we do have one rule for eligibility for a prize:

The photo must be taken specifically for this contest. Post all the photos from years past that you wish, but only images taken for this contest will be eligible to win a prize. To confirm your eligibility, be sure you are showing us your Heart Hands, or otherwise include some little Day[9] banner/other reference to show us that this is for Day[9]!

Since we’ve had some users have trouble with posting images, here’s the best and preferred way to post an image as part of your reply!

Post an Image

  1. Click “Respond” at the bottom of this thread. Note: Do NOT click the down arrow and choose “fork.” This just creates more work for the moderators who have to move the thread this creates.
  2. Type in your title in the Title line
  3. Click in the Body section, and check that you have the “Format” bar selected in the toolbar that appears.
  4. Click the little picture icon. It says “thumbnail” when you hover over it.
  5. Copy the direct link to the image you want to use (for imgur, for example this starts “i.imgur.com"
  6. Paste that direct link into the “Source” field that shows up where the Format bar used to be.
  7. Hit “Enter” on the keyboard
  8. Caption: Feel free to caption the image, or click the minus sign (-) at the far right and it will remove the caption and the frame around the image.

You now have your image in your response. You can modify the above steps as needed to add your witty commentary either before or after the image!

Remember, any costume that is related to gaming is welcome, but be sure to include heart hands or a Day[9] banner or something Day[9] related to confirm eligibility! And the top 3 favorites will receive a sweet prize (TBD)! Can’t wait to see what DayKnights come up with!


The Top 3 Entries are listed below, be sure to check your email associated with your day9.tv login for prize information! All entries are at the very end!

First Place: Heavenly Hedgehog - Portal

Second Place: Paul - M. Bison

Third Place: Amy King - Journey

Entries (in order of subsmission)


Thank you to everyone who submitted their amazing costumes!