Hero of the Zerg

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(Sorry to those lobbying for a different name...I just think we have enough things that have the acronym HotS!)

Last week we finished up the Hero of the Terran competition, and our winner managed to take out 207 enemies with a single reaper within the first 15 minutes of the match! Before that, in Hero of the Protoss, our winner managed to take out 156 enemies with a single sentry! Now it is time for the Zerg to step up and test their own micro skills! How many kills can you get with a single roach within the first 15 minutes of the match?

To Participate

  • Play a matched game, ranked or unranked, or against Medium AI or better. NO custom games with friends.
  • Micro that roach to get as many kills with that unit as you can! Don't forget you can use other units to screen and soften up kills! (Or you can make your roach the lone savior if you really want!)
  • Upload the replay to http://drop.sc
  • Post to this thread and include the following information.
    • Number of kills for your roach - In the Title Please!
    • Location at which the roach can be found at 15 minutes (hint, it helps to have it active at the 15 minute mark so we can follow your player camera! Or if you like, hotkey it to 9 or 0!)
      • Note: your roach doesn't necessarily have to be alive at the 15-minute mark, just let us know the time at which we can find it in its last blaze of glory!
      • Brownie Points: Include a screencap of where we can find your roach for ease of verification (and because it's awesome)
    • Link to the replay on http://drop.sc
    • Brownie Points: Name your roach hero!

Check out the submissions for Hero of the Protoss or Hero of the Terran for how to do it!

Competition Ends At: 11:59pm PDT on May 26, 2014! Be sure to post your submission before then!

Rules Clarifications

Will be added to as needed!

  • Must use standard AI and maps (no adjusting health levels of AI or otherwise creating a custom AI or a custom map).
  • You may set the race, difficulty and build order of the AI. :D
  • Keep to regular current season ladder maps.
  • In matched games: No having your friends feed you! (This is precisely the reason custom games with friends are not allowed!) :D
  • Game Speed: Your choice - no restrictions
  • Resume From Replay - not allowed for this competition!


1st Place: Signed Day[9] Mousepad and Kerrigan Queen of Blades collectible action figure

2nd Place: Signed Day[9] Mousepad and choice of Terran Marine or I <3 SC2 T-Shirt

3rd Place: Choice of Terran Marine or I <3 SC2 T-Shirt


1st Place: Travis Willard - 157 kills - AHNOLD

2nd Place: Dalvin - 152 kills - Ruddy the Roach

3rd Place: Alex Morgun - 105 kills