Horror: The Flavor of the Week

This seems to be the trend in new games right now. I might say survival/horror more accurately, but that seems to be the direction a lot of studios are going with development. Is it just me? 

If it isn't just me, how long do you think this will last? I'll be straight up honest that horror isn't generally my preference for games. I'm much more of a high fantasy or hard sci-fi type of gamer. What do you think would come next?

If you disagree, how would you characterize the current trends in studio development? Is there something that is getting more focus?

Where would you like to see development focus? I'd love to see more of this focus on engaging, interactive storytelling that seems to be at the heart of the horror/survival trend applied to other genres. Fantasy games with deep, engaging storytelling? Hard sci-fi with immersive environment, gameplay and story, without all the horror? Crazy!