I Have ALL the Swag! And I want to share!

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Hey Everybody!

I'm Stephanie, Day[9]'s new community manager! I met some of you in person at the community launch, and of course everyone was amazing!

As community manager, I now have all the Day[9] and StarCraft II merchandise for sharing with everyone, and I wanted to show you all just how much stuff that is!

WARNING: These Images Are Large!

Here's what my living room looked like the day all the boxes arrived!

And one of my cats, Saraa, wants in that bottom box!

And because they are sitting on the boxes blocking the entryway to my home!

The closet was cleared ahead of time so boxes could go straight into it! We had to find different places for the rest of it! Below are images of where all the other stuff ended up!

We find a pelthora of things just chilling on that bookcase!

So much awesome! But it's taken over my house! I'm sharing these so you all can see the volume of stuff we have to give away.

I'll be updating this post to include more images of the specific things I have in-stock to give away. I'm uploading images to my imgur album here, so you can see even more images (likely with more cats involved, because....cats)!

Swag Images!

Here are some pictures of the cool stuff we're giving away!

I <3 SC

I have these in L, XL, and XXL (US sizes)

Terran Marine

I have these in S, and M (US sizes)

I find it interesting that I don't have any overlap in sizes between the two designs. Weird. If I find more sizes, I'll be sure to post an update here!

We'll be running a series of activities through the forum to facilitate this, so keep your eyes posted for what's coming up and participate! 

Current Activities

Past Activities

StarCraft Sticky Note Mural Competition (Subscriber Only) - Ended March 1st

Fastest Max!!!! - Terran - Ended May 1st

Fastest Max!!!! - Zerg - Ended May 15th

Fastest Max!!!! - Protoss - Ended May 29