Let's get this party started!!!

Okay, so I'll start with my first impressions! I enjoyed the pacing of the novel, and even though I saw the various threads of the plot weaving together from the beginning, I felt that Butcher did a pretty good job of drawing them closer together.

My only disappointment (personally) was the very end, and I've come across this several times in various book series. The ending, with its not-quite-an-epilogue (last 3 pages in my copy) left me feeling meh and it felt like Butcher threw in the bit about Susan and the second date just so he didn't drop that thread, like he went "Oh yeah, I haven't followed up on that" at the very last second.

Other thoughts on the not-quite-an-epilogue? Things you adored? Things you hated? How about them gruesome deaths?

Oh, and I'm fine with the next Dresden book as the next book. Others? (what's one more book to my reading list for the month, lol)